Greggs Steakbake Urgent Recall – Iceland Supermarket.

Greggs has today announced an URGENT RECALL of ‘Greggs Steakbakes’ (My fauvorite) from all Iceland Stores around the UK as appartently there may be plastic particles inside the pasties, Greggs are worried as this could prove a chocking hazard to consumers.

The product recall applies to packs of two weighing 280g in total.

Please note the affected products dates which have a best before date of either December 20, December 22 or December 23, 2020.

If you have recently bought these steakbakes it is advisable not to consume them and return them to the store to get a full refund.

These pasties are ONLY sold in Iceland supermarkets in the UK and you cannot get them else where.

Greggs have apologised to its shoppers via the Food Standards Agency

Saugage Rolls were also recalled last year as they had fragments of small plastic.

My thoughts. I only happened to come across this from a friend on my Facebook page that happened to share an article from ‘The Sun’ Newspaper (Not everyone reads’The Sun Newspaper’ or searches the internet for product recalls). Furthermore there is no mention of the recall on Icelands website which I would have expected that would be the first place it would be in the header.

People in the UK should share this article on all social media channels, email and sms.

Also if there was a similar problem last year one has to ask oneself why has it happened again and what are Greggs doing about it.

I personally will be thinking twice about buying Greggs fronzen pastry products from now on.