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Angry Client


To recap:

  1. I canceled some of my hostings at the end of July 2021, I phoned the beginning of August to confirm I had canceled my hosting and was told it had been canceled.
  2. In September I noticed payments had left my account which seemed high so I checked my invoices and found that the hosting I had canceled in July had been charged to my account and the money had left my bank account.
  3. I proceeded to email IONOS to and finally
  4. I had two replies to my emails requesting I submit proof I was overcharged. I did that without question but then had no replies to my emails.

What that meant was I had to cross-reference every contract, invoice, date, and amount.

I proceeded to phone IONOS for a total of 5 hours and 49 minutes since I started my complaint, to be told each time that they were trying to put me through to a supervisor that by coincidence every time I phoned the supervisors were in a meeting.

I said to one customer service person that it was their job cross-reference and not mine and if I was to do that considering I have 63 contracts I will charge them for my time and was told to send in an invoice.

So today was the last straw I phoned again and again all supervisors were in meetings which in reality meant they were not accepting my calls because they have no intention of resolving this issue.

I was told today once Clifford was free he would phone me back? I am not holding my breath.

I promised that if I was to be ignored today I would post on social media and tag everyone.

This is NOT how you treat your customers especially if they have large portfolios of contracts”.

I am now asking everyone who has had a bad experience with IONOS to message me.

I have embedded all the calls I have made over this issue and previous posts I have made about this company and now let’s see how good I am as an internet marketer to let the world know how this company treats its customers.

Phone Calls I have made to IONOS.

O2 (a)
O2 (b)
O2 (c)

I have since written this post have had an email from someone called “Jaffer Adams” who claims not receiving my email last Friday, even though I sent it to three different departments, spoke to multiple people throughout this week, and even had them forward the email I sent to the escalation department. This is very unprofessional and highly laughable beyond reason.

Final Notes.

I will not be doing another post about this, but rather updating my third and final one on here in due course and will wait to get a response from them before I start posting all over social media. I have just had confirmation via another phone call I made they are in receipt of my email and attachments. On top of this, I get a follow-up email asking for information that was clearly written out in an attachment previously sent to multiple departments, several times, whereby this person failed to read.

“Clearly, the a#@e does not know what the elbow is doing”.

Let see how fast they can resolve this, tick-tock, the clock is ticking…

My patience is wearing thin!

Since writing the post above, I phoned IONOS on Monday 4th October 2021 and asked to speak with “Jaffer Adams -Executive Solution Manager” and was told that he was unavailable all day. A few minutes later I get a phone call from no other than “Jaffer Adams” who never apologized for all the inconvenience it has caused me. He also said IONOS does not offer compensation seeing as I have many low-cost special offers that I am paying little or no money for the first year as a promotion (that is on them not me to do promotions) and has nothing to do with the fact all the unnecessary hassle they have caused. He went on to say he will be issuing me 4 refunds and although I was not happy with his answers I was grateful at least I would get back what was owed to me. Twenty-four hours have passed and you would think he would have been pretty sharpish to do this but I have not had any more credit notes or refunds and no communication in writing that he actually said what he said over the phone.

I think it is about time to properly introduce myself to this company, turn it up a notch and show them what I am all about and what I am capable of doing as they are not taking me seriously. I really sympathize with their other customers that are going through similar problems.

“I am not going to go away until this is resolved once and for all”

I also questioned 3 contracts in the PDF attachment I sent several copies of and several times and this has not been answered either.

(It looks I am going to have to waste even more of my time trying to resolve this).

“I am getting really sick and tired of IONOS attitude, they just trample on people and do not care or say sorry”.

It seems they do not care about their customers and all they care about is grabbing money”. If I were in their shoes I would try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible and give a gesture of goodwill as a way of an apology to stop the customer from giving bad reviews on every social media platform going.

I do not want their gestures of goodwill now, we have passed this stage (even though they have said they do not compensate customers), I am now ready to send them an invoice for my time”.

#ionos #ionos1and1 #1and1 #ionosbadreviews

IONOS Poor Customer Service Part II

Angry Client
Angry Client

I wrote my disdain towards this company in a previous article and thought to update what seems to be an ongoing sage.

You can read the previous article here:

To Recap:

  1. I cancelled my hosting for 5 domain names at the end of July manually but wanted to keep the domain names.
  2. I phoned customer support beginning of August to double check I had done it right and it was confirmed it was done right.
  3. In September I got invoiced for the hositing I had cancelled.
  4. I phone back and (12) credit notes were issued.
  5. I had no refunds (apart from one) even though the amounts for the original invoices left my account.
  6. I proceeded to write emails (not one, but a few).
  7. I had no replies to my emails.
  8. I then phoned and tried to get someone to look at my account .
  9. The person I spoke to on Monday 20th September randomly was picking invoices I had not disputed but assured me it would get escalated to the complaints depaartment and that someone would reply in 72 hours.
  10. I had not communication from IONOS over this matter so I phoned customer service today and was told an email had been sent out. I replied I never received an email and could they forward it to me again today. The person then put me on hold for 5 minutes and sent me an email that that was not forwarded and claimed he had copied and pasted the original (why not simply forward it if it really existed?). I replied do not insult my intelligence you have just written it out and you are lying and he went on the defence and said he was not. (Talk to the hand as I am now dealing with stupid people).
  11. The email said that I need to send in all the invoices I am disputing and not the credit notes (Even though it is the credit notes I am disputing as I have only had one refund for £13.84 I said if IONOS want me to do any work they will have to pay me and he said fine. He told me to send in my invoice. The email said that IONOS had done an indepth report of all my payments yet what they refer to is a PDF I had sent them cross referencing every domain name and contract number and payment. So they lied yet again claiming they had done the report even though I had sent them the report and I have had little to no communication with them over this matter.

I really do not want to seem racist but this company is employing cheap labor from the Philipines that are illiterate and have not got a clue what they are doing.

Here is the last email I sent to them omitting any overcharged payments or my fees for my time.

If they wish to cross me to cross-reference everything and write all the corresponding credit notes and invoices because they cannot do it on their end for some reason, just wait for my part III update is all I can say.

My cell phone bill is due in five days I will be adding my time to the final invoice.

To think I was dealing with a 💩 show from the other company I still have some of my websites hosted on I thought this company was a bit better until now, obviously not. They do not have five stars but more like 💩💩💩💩💩 in my opinion.


12. I then asked to speak to someone of the authority and was told all the supervisors were coincidently in meetings when I phoned and I was told that someone would phone me back.

13. I just got off the phone and they make things up as they go along. The woman said that my credit may not reflect as payments would be adjusted against the payments going out.

14. I said I would send them my bank statements, cross-reference everything and send them an invoice for my time.

15. The customer service woman then replied there is no guarantee that IONOS would compensate me.

16. I replied once I generate an invoice and the invoice does not get paid there would be a risk of the debt going to a small claims court in which a county court judgment would be made.

17. I ended the call as it was getting beyond a joke.

Let’s just wait and see what update I will post in part III of this saga.

God knows how many other people they scammed with their fictitious credit notes.

You would think they would care for a customer that had over 60 contracts with them but they don’t.

The last thing this company needs to do is mess with me. They need to learn more about me by visiting which ironically is hosted by them 😂.

I feel sorry for any other person trying to raise a complaint with this company.

#ionos #ionos1and1 #1and1 #ionosbadreviews more hashtags coming soon…

IONOS Poor Customer Service, Part I.

Anger Management – When a Third Party Pushes Your Buttons.

IONOS Poor Customer Service.

I have used many hosting providers over my time and some are worse than others. IONOS although a bit on the pricier side have had a few things going for them until lockdown happened.

They say they have 24/7 telephone support but what they omit in saying is that cancellation and billing are only open Monday to Friday during working hours. From my understanding that is not 24/7 support?

They also prompt you to write emails but in most cases, they go unanswered as in my case.

Their invoices simply have invoice/contract numbers but do not have any associated domain names (named), hence unless one can memorize contract numbers off by heart, cross-referencing contract numbers can be time-consuming and costly to a business that could be using the time more pro-actively, as in my case.

Furthermore, because everyone is working from home people are not updating the system properly so you end up having to pull your hair out talking to the next rep, and having to repeat yourself. I phoned twice yesterday and the second rep said there was no record of me phoning the time before?

For me, I have had an ongoing issue dating back to July of this year, where I canceled my hosting but kept the domain names for 5 products, and to be double sure I phoned to confirm my hosting had been canceled a day or so later and was told it was. Moving forward to the beginning of September I was invoiced again for the 5 domain packages including the domain names and hosting. Obviously, I was straight on the phone, and credit notes were generated but they did not reflect my invoices as I only had one refund to date.

I sent numerous emails to and and for some reason, they were unable to collect any outstanding balance of £32.40 which I had disputed, which in turn, caused my account to be blocked all for the sake of the disputed £32.40.

So because they had now got me by my short and curlies, I tried updating my card payment but there seemed to be an error so I decided to pay by bank transfer. You would think that would be the end of the drama, you can think again….

Not only had I paid and proved I had paid by sending them a copy of my bank statement, but my account continues to be frozen. I have given them 48 hours to rectify this otherwise I will be sharing my disdain for all the world to read and his maker, Achim Weiss (CEO).

Like I keep saying “a happy customer will tell their friends and family and an unhappy customer will tell the world”.

IONOS already have some bad press if you read all the unhappy customers via Trustpilot

To think I have made about 15 communications in total (emails/phone calls) over this one incident which if you divide this into an hour is 4 minutes per email or phone call, yet today’s call lasted 43 minutes and a previous call log was 1.04 hrs, so you can imagine if each email takes me 10 minutes to write and each phone call takes sometimes over an hour well you can imagine how much of my valuable time is wasted and if I charge £300 per hour for my time then I should be compensated accordingly considering the incident was not my fault. I will have a full statement of the duration of calls I have had with this company in the next 9 days and will update them on this post.

What companies do not realize is if they cause a person to become unwell because of direct negligence and for the customer to lose business because of their incompetence then it is only fitting the company compensates the customer for their time and health recovery. They should have professional liability insurance. I wrote about my ill health because of this company on my other site:

They say you should not keep all your eggs in one basket and I should take a leaf out of my own book. In total, I have 63 contracts with this company to be exact and it is high tide I took my business elsewhere and look for a different hosting provider.

Not only has my account been blocked over a £32.40 outstanding disputed payment in which I have paid by bank transfer under duress, but I have to wait a further 7 working days to have my account unblocked as the system needs to process my payment. Well, I still have to run a business and 7 days is 7 days too many in my eyes and if IONOS purposely stops me from conducting my business then “all is fair in love and war” and they should compensate me for the loss and damages this has incurred.

Will I be using this company in the future?, this remains to be seen and depends on what olive branch they bring to the table.

They have 48 hours before I blast this post all over the internet. Currently, it can only be found organically and is not shared on social media.

I will update this post in due course.

#ionos #ionos1and1 #1and1 #ionosbadreviews more hashtags coming soon…


December 2022