Lockdown Rant.

  1. The Current Lockdown Fines in Wales are as follows:

“The existing fines structure, which imposed a £60 fine for a first offence rising to £120 for a second and subsequent offences, will be replaced by a new structure in which the fines double for every offence – rising from £60 to £120 to £1,920 for the sixth offence”.

Omg if this a compacent red flag.

If I were in Government I would ISSUE MAXIMUM FINES not measly £60 fines for the first offence.

Having a pricelist of costs is commical. 😂

I have been told if it is your first offence and you get issued a £60 fine providing you pay it quickly it will be reduced to £30 similar to a parking or speeding fine.

The government are on another playing field.

I have heard on the grapevine and it is only hearsay as I have no way of proving the allegations.

This is just one example, so you can imagine what is going on all over the UK. Now I have to make it clear that this bit is just hearsay and I cannot prove the location of the event and who will be attending all I know is that a young person is planning a house party. The girl in question is planning the party is going to book a luxury apartment and use key worker credentials to organise the event. She has reassured her guests that if they get fined it will be a £60 fine if they get caught, reduced to £30 if they pay it quickly. One cannot control what goes on behind closed doors.

This fining business is a joke. If the fines were in the thousands people would think twice before breaking the law.

The government should fine maximum heavy fines not piddly £60.00 fines.

If you think young people obey rules, the powers that be are living in cloud cuckoo land.

The reality is that young people have no repsect for authority and are socially disobedient.

Crossing the Pond to USA and the Trump Riots in the Capitol Hill Washington most recently, there was no social distancing or wearing face masks, so what does that tell you?

People do not care unless it directly effects them. https://disabledentrepreneur.uk/why-people-do-not-care


If one does not scare the living daylights out of people, people will not believe in what you are saying. Using ‘shock tactic marketing and advertising’ will alter peoples perception of things and may make them take notice. For example showing cancerous lung images on cigarette packaging will put some people off from smoking but may not neccessarily stop everyone. Promoters/Advertisers/Governement need to shock an audience with controversial material in order for it to be effective. Merely saying there is a virus and implementing rules does not cut it, one needs a heavy hand with heavy fines and even military presence.

The same goes with Covid-19 Coronavirus Regulations, you can talk all you want and spend tonnes of time on the media but if you do not show people what they are really facing, they may become non believers or complacent.

If people saw first hand what coronavirus looks like and what it does to a person they would be more likely to be more cautious and would possibly obey the law.

People are confused and disorientated, they can see what is happening with the economy but want answers. How come nothing more is being said about Wuhan where the virus supposedly originated from? How come nothing is said about the scientists and why has the Chinese President not made a statement.

I have my own theories but I am not going to fuel any fires. I just think somethings do not add up and everything should be transparent.

Here are some examples of Civil Disobedience.


Furthermore I have a question about this pandemic business.

Q: “If back in March 2020, people supposedly did as they were told, stayed indoors self isolated, shielded and stayed 2 metres apart how come the virus has mutated, and has spread”? Surely if the virus was contained the virus would be under control?

My theory “people who have not done as they were told, have become complacent and do not think this PANDEMIC IS REAL and it is just media manipulation to divert people from what is really happening.

If everyone was taught about cross contamination of germs back in March 2020, the infected people that sent out letters by post and left their saliva satuarated postage stamped envelopes on their doorsteps to be collected by couriers, imagine how many people have become infected just from this one act alone?

When people came to visit, social distancing, but stayed for a cup of tea imagine the cross contamination of the cup, saucer and teaspoon.

Not everyone has a hand washing obsession, does not have OCD and are complacent when washing their hands, thinking their hands are clean, until they touch a surface that may be contaminated but do not realise the consequence of their actions.

I know it has been drummed into our heads, wash hands often or use hand sanitiser. But not everyone obeys the rules. I have OCD so it is second nature to me, yet I have witnessed a handful of people that did not sanitise their hands in front of me. So what does it say for the rest of the nation?

Shall I carry on…. the example of an engineer that did not wash his hands, did not wear PPE and did an emergency job but touched all the surfaces in the home, whom may have been a carrier of the virus.

Or all the couriers that may wear facemasks but do not wear disposable gloves, cross contaminating one parcel after another.

Or the people that work in warehouses stocking shelves and packing parcels possibly not wearing PPE”.

Germs live on surfaces and if a person who may be infected touches something and does not disinfect will potentially cause a domino effect.

But at the end of the day who am I to make waves afterall the Government know what they are doing 😂 …..

Shortages of Toilet Paper.

2. Shortage of toilet rolls. I have just been on my regualr online grocery store to place an order and my toilet paper is out of stock which is a contradiction to what WEPA Group have said, which produces toilet paper and kitchen towels for the UK consumer market from its site in Bridgend, South Wales, said it expected sales to remain high but insisted that supplies would not run out.


This tells me there is a shortage for another reason and it is not because people are panic buying.

Considering supermarkets have a limit on how many rolls of toilet paper one can buy I cannot see consumers turning their homes into toilet paper warehouses.

If I was going to panic buy I would buy lots of tin food. Cleaning ones posterior can be done after reading the daily newspaper.


Remember you should not believe everything you see of hear especially in MSM media. As Donald Trump called it “Fake News”. Love him or hate him he still has more money than most of the readers on this blog, so although he is now disgraced, one cannot knock him for his business strategies and all the properties and land that he owns and other investments.


So I have an open mind about this Pandemic and if I had some power I would have certainly done things differently.

Its a media circus and I am the bystander looking in.

3. Food Shortages.

If the tabloids are publishing food shortages due to the brexit deal, one has to wonder if there is a shortage of toilet paper what is coming next?

Do not take my word for it read what the media and the tabloids are saying here: