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Motivation is the strategy to initiate, guide, and maintain goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is the driving force behind human actions it is about the ways you and your business can encourage yourself and your staff to give their best performance. Motivation is not just about Business it is about empowering and inspiring oneself to do better, which in turn is passed down to your workforce. Motivated staff care about the success of the business and work better. A motivating workplace results in improved quality as the staff takes greater pride in their work and turns out great results.

However in some cases people especially my family and friends have never understood me when it comes to running a business, after all, they have never had a business of their own.

So when I decline meetups and am content with Skyping they do not support me and come up with advice on how it is not healthy for me to be working from the moment I wake to the moment I fall asleep.

I personally do not listen to people giving me advice, as they may have many opinions to make but may not be experts in the topic of discussion. Unless I am speaking with an expert, someone else’s opinion is simply their own. It does not matter what other people think, what you think is the most important.

As the following interview on Elon Musk explains why he is a workaholic just like me. I can relate to so many things he said and it may also be relatable to you.

Sitting around a dining table chatting about life is a waste of time for me personally, time that can be better spent helping my business evolve. People that cannot see my vision and are not supportive of me, have no right to be dining with me. In fact, I conducted a social experiment a while back and wrote about it called “Support & Encouragement“. It was disheartening to see not one person from my close-knit circle did not respond.

So the other day I reached my limit of 5K friends on Facebook and asked people in my close network of friends and family to subscribe and follow me on other social media channels and again strangers I have never met have the decency to follow me but my family and actual friends have not.

People who are not supportive of you may think of themselves as better than you they may feel they are privileged and like to see you struggle and just wait for you to fail or they could be envious of you. Remember when you reach your goals they will then want to know you.

My business is precious to me I have spent long tireless hours and money building it and will not allow anyone to stand in my way. My business is my baby which needs nurturing. My business model is digital marketing, mentorship, and website design for “People in Business” and people who are Disabled Entrepreneurs.

I would never work these hours for a job I did not love. I believe in helping people and if I can become a good teacher hopefully this will inspire other people to do the same.

I am currently also researching “Neuroplasticity” this link is to articles I have previously written and how to rewire the brain to have positive thoughts. A book I highly recommend you read is “Think and Grow Rich” By Napolean Hill.

If you are wondering why I am an advocate for disabilities is because both myself and my daughter have some form of disability. However, this has not stopped me from doing my work or my daughter doing hers, we have learned to manage our disabilities and work around them.

My ultimate goal is to cure myself and then teach people how I did it. I have started my journey and once I recover I will teach people and tell my story.

I am learning about self-hypnosis which I wrote about on my other blog, how this type of therapy is not available on the NHS, hence it has never been offered to me in the 30 years I have been a sufferer of OCD. Not every person can be hypnotized it does not work for everyone. But if you have a strong enough mindset to believe it will happen, then through the power of suggestion, anything is possible.

There is still a certain taboo about disabilities and I have listed Famous People with Disabilities so that you can understand Disabilities and who has them in the world of celebrities. Elon Musk suffers from Aspergers Syndrome.

Some motivational speakers talk about dream boards. I agree to a certain degree you have to visualize what you want and set goals to achieve what you desire. Scripting your thoughts in a journal every day and using the present tense, you are paving your path to your destiny. You also have to believe that whatever you want can be achieved providing you repetitively every day think and talk about or self-hypnotize yourself into manifesting it.

Empowering oneself and others involves identifying, nurturing, and utilizing strengths. Promoting constructive motivational resources in oneself and others can teach us how to acknowledge and repair weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

My chapter has just started and will post more motivational articles in due course.

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