Amazon Phishing Email.

Does the sender of the following email think I am totally STUPID?

Animated GIF

I have had two emails within the last 24 hours to my private email from the following HACKER MUPPET LOW LIFE.

I have tried to find out who this IDIOT is with “whois” and the domain name seems to have no DATA (

You would think with what is going on round the world right now these bottom feeder scam artists would have something better to do than try and scam people.

Here is the email screenshot which I have forwarded to:

You can read what Amazon says here about phishing emails:


Registrars should have a service if someone reports a domain name that is performing illegal activities and one can prove phishing emails by looking up the email source code, then registrars should take these emails and domain names down.

It angers me that people do not have anything better to do other than hurt others, send viruses online and try to scam people out of money.

I just hope for Karma to pay the Hacker and his/her Family a visit 🤬