Racism on my mind.

Racism is not just about colour, it much, much, more than that.

Racism, also called racialism which means people are divided into groups.

Racism is prejudice and discrimination.

Peoples actions, practices, or belief reflect the racial worldview—the ideology.

Humans are divided by their physical traits and traits of personality, intellect, morality, and other cultural and behavioural features.

People are taught that some people are superior to others and are taught the difference from one class to another.

Racism is about classes.

Classes can be defined by:

1) Colour (Black, White, Yellow or Green (Martians))

2) Race (What country you were born eg, Mexican, Eastern European, Africa etc)

3) Religion (Catholic, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Christian etc)

4) Gender (Heterosexual, Bisexual, Gay, Trans etc)

5) Social (Upper class, upper middle class, lower middle class, working class, poor)

6) Physical Appearance

7) Mental Ability (Intellect)

8) Disability (physical and mental)

Now in my own experience, I have been the target of at least six classes of racism and discrimination.

1) From the age of 5 I was cornered outside the school gates and my blazer was spat on from the inside all because I had a foreign name and could not speak English, yet I understood what the children were saying. I also had my name made fun of. From the age of five I was bullied at school.

On another occasion I was pushed down some concrete stairs onto a gravel laden playground in my school in the UK (this was over 50 years ago).

2) In senior school I was targeted for my race, was called names and had physical altercations with bullies in the school of which some are connected with some of my FB friends. I should really name and shame them, but they are not worth the limelight in my opinion and feel total distain towards them.

3) In my adult life my ex boyfriends’ parents would judge me by race and my social class (the parents of the better class to my parents decided I was not a good fit for their son)

4) One of my ex-s judged me by my race and social class with one referring me as a peasant girl or milk maid, as most of Poland is agricultural and a lot of people are farmers, yet I never lived in Poland. This person was an intellect, yet he still found a way to ridicule me.

5) In my adult life my work environment I was once told to change my name by a German businessman that had changed his name to a British name because people judge you by your name. I have since used a British name on my LinkedIn profile simply for that reason and have had my hand forced because people are judgemental.

This is also true as not so long ago I talked about immigration and Brexit on someone’s post and was told to go back to where I came from (the people on that post judged me by name, even though they did not know me or where I was born), even though I was born in the UK and my father fought with the British in WWII. It was not just one person it was a few people that were defensive. All I said was that Eastern European people meaning Poles in general have made a name for themselves as being hard grafting because they are known to work hard as farmers and that is why people assume, they work hard in general. I also said from my experience and I am an employer that foreign workers work harder as they do not have a social benefit system to fall back on. This caused backlash and I immediately blocked each and every troll that jumped on me.

Another time I was judged for my race and social class and was questioned about my location where I live and was asked do I really live in November House or did I make that up and for me to write my real address and eyebrows were raised when the individuals realised, I live in a quarter million-pound house, which was actually called November House.. I even lost a contract most recently as I believe the person judged me by my race and social class. On another occasion I also had derogatory comments made by the mother of a hairdresser thinking that what she said would not get back to me but it did and now this hairdresser will pay the price as they will never be listed in my directory as a top hairdresser in Roath which I have built (www.roathlife.com).

Also due to a time in my life when a racist person also a narcissist tried controlling me, made me an introvert and submissive and this reflected in my appearance and my personality, but people were quick to judge even though they did not know the full story.

I have since learnt no one’s opinion’s matters other than your own.

I also suffer with OCD but I put it down to the fact that most of my life people have been judgemental towards me and have made me the way I am and this is my defence mechanism kicking in to block out people who are negative towards me.

Because people do not understand they tend to judge or ridicule.

Did you know all the following people have or had OCD.

Famous People With OCD

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio suffers from OCD and says that he allowed his condition to worsen in order to play Howard Hughes in “Aviator.”

His childhood memoriess were to step on cracks in the pavement and if he missed any he would have start all over again, even as far as a few blocks.

Jessica Alba

“Sin City” star Jessica Alba talked about her OCD in an interview with CosmoGirl stating,

“It was like a panic come over me and I had to do something, and once I did it, I was OK. …

It was really me needing to control something.”

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake suffers from OCD that makes him need everything to be organized perfectly. 

He also only allows certain foods in his refrigerator.

Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry suffers from OCD and says that she brushes her teeth 4-6 times a day.

Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel has been very open about his OCD.  He calls handrails his enemy.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz’s OCD makes her have a fear of germs.

David Beckham

Soccer great David Beckham has admitted to struggling with OCD saying that he has to reorganize hotel rooms in order to feel comfortable.

Charlize Theron

“Young Adult” star Charlize Theron says that her OCD keeps her up at nights worrying about messy cabinets and closets.

Albert Einstein

Historians believe that Albert Einstein suffered from OCD, as do many individuals with very high levels of intelligence.

Penélope Cruz

“Vanilla Sky” actress Penelope Cruz is said to suffer from OCD.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has OCD and needs things to be in order.  He told Dr. Oz that his OCD even propelled him to fix a stranger’s shirt collar at a restaurant.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

“Client List” star Jennifer Love Hewitt thinks the she inherited her OCD from her mother.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin self-diagnosed his OCD.  Baldwin spoke of the frustrating nature of his condition stating,

“The thing is, you always feel the need to do it, mostly when there’s something at stake. Like,

I will literally be leaving my apartment in New York and I’ve got to go to the airport.

The worst possible time is when the bell rings loudest. A voice will say to me, ‘Move the snow globe to the right three inches.”

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson had Body Dysmorphic Disorder which is similar to OCD.

Rose McGowan

“Planet Terror” star Rose McGowan suffers from OCD related to agoraphobia.

Harrison Ford

“Star Wars” star Harrison Ford says that his OCD is related to his fear of spiders and reptiles.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump says that his OCD prevents him from shaking hands with people.

(Which is Fake News in my opinion as I have seen him shake hands).

Martin Scorsese

Director Martin Scorsese suffers from OCD and he explored the depths of the condition in his film “The Aviator.”

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr has struggled with OCD and she talked about her experience with Larry King.

Howard Stern

Howard Stern’s OCD developed as a defense mechanism when he was first starting out. 

Stern stated, “When I was in college and nervous about entering the world of broadcasting and earning a living, the pressure was enormous. …

As a defence mechanism, my brain had set up an elaborate maze of rituals that kept me from confronting my fear.”

Woody Allen

Film maker Woody Allen has OCD and the main subject that he obsesses about is death.

Nikola Tesla

Historians believe that Nikola Tesla suffered from OCD in his later years.

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple suffers from OCD and she calls it a problem that can destroy your life.

Dan Aykroyd

“Blues Brothers” star Dan Aykroyd suffers from Tourette’s, Asperger’s and OCD.

Charles Darwin

Researchers believe that Charles Darwin most likely suffered from OCD.

Stanley Kubrick

“A Clockwork Orange” director Stanley Kubrick is thought to have had OCD because of the way that he would shoot an excessive amount of takes when filming his movies.

Kathie Lee Gifford

Talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford is thought to have OCD.

Billy Bob Thornton

“Sling Blade” star Billy Bob Thornton calls suffering from OCD exhausting.

Marc Summers

TV show host Marc Summers suffers with OCD.  Who knows how Summers managed to deal with all of the slimy messes on his Nickelodeon show “Double Dare.”

Cole Porter

People speculate that composer Cole Porter most likely suffered from OCD.


Historians believe that Michelangelo suffered from OCD.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Researchers believe that Ludwig van Beethoven displayed many symptoms of OCD.

Howard Hughes

Entrepreneur and film maker Howard Hughes suffered for OCD and used to obsess over the size of peas. 

Later in his life, Hughes became a recluse and continuously watched movies.

Samuel Johnson

Historians believe that Samuel Johnson likely suffered from OCD.

Stonewall Jackson

Researchers find that Stonewall Jackson demonstrated many of the symptoms of OCD.

Jeremy Kyle

Talk show host Jeremy Kyle suffers from OCD.

Warren Zevon

“Werewolves of London” songwriter Warren Zevon suffered from OCD. 

He developed a friendship with fellow OCD sufferer Billy Bob Thorton later in his life.

Charles Dickens

Historians believe that “A Christmas Carol” author Charles Dickens likely suffered from OCD.

Marcel Proust

Historians believe that Marcel Proust suffered from OCD.

Fred Durst

Limp Biscuit front man Fred Durst says that suffering from OCD makes touring really tough.

Gerald Kaufman

Gerald Kaufman has self-diagnosed his OCD.

Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone had a severe case of OCD and low self-esteem.

John Melendez

John Melendez, better known as “Stuttering John,” suffers from OCD, just like his good friend and boss Howard Stern.

Natalie Appleton

Pop singer Natalie Appleton suffers from a mild case of OCD.

Jane Horrocks

British actress/musician Jane Horrocks has been diagnosed with OCD.

Steven Gerrard

Soccer star Steven Gerrard’s OCD manifests itself as constant hand washing.

Emily Lloyd

British actress Emily Lloyd has gotten treatment for OCD and she blames the disorder for stalling her career.

Paul Gascoigne

Soccer star Paul Gascoigne suffers from OCD as well as other mental illnesses.

Tim Howard

Soccer player Tim Howard had a tough time in school coping with his OCD.

Ian Puleston-Davies

Actor Ian Puleston-Davies has OCD and a fear of germs.

Jim Eisenreich

Baseball player Jim Eisenreich was diagnosed with Tourette’s and OCD.

Volkert van der Graaf

Murderer Volkert van der Graaf has been diagnosed with OCD and Asperger’s.

So my OCD does not make me a freak or a lunatic, you would not say that about all the above names so you should not say that about me.

I have maintained social distancing way before the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and have created a bubble that the government now wants us all to adhere to.

It’s ironic that the whole world is forced to become OCD (Contamination) aware, yet I have been doing it for years.

I have even been judged for having a disability.

So, the point is people will never change Racism. Racism will always exist because people will always be judgemental and discriminating, because people are taught to be superior.

It all starts in the classroom. Schools should teach that Racism is not ok, but they do not why is that?

One reason could be if we were all taught that we are all equal we would not have high expectations we all be sheep without leaders, hence in order to have leaders you need to have people who are superior to you.

Social Classes do not mix you will never have Upper Class people hanging out with the poor population, unless its for publicity.

Leaders are then not equal to you, as they may have a higher social class and may be more intellectual.

There will always be leaders and there will always be followers.

Because we are all segregated into groups, it.s who ever is on top of the food chain will always control Racism.

Some examples of such incidents are as follows:

Trump said he was building a Mexican wall and branded Mexicans as drug dealers, illegal immigrants and thieves. I have a lot of Mexican family all highly educated, from Doctors, Dentist, Midwives and Priests, but all it takes is for one person from the highest social class to segregate people into classes all because of one opinion.

It is a well-known fact that Eastern European people judge and discriminate people by race, religion, social class, disability and appearance. I know Polish people that judge by colour, race, social class, religion and gender, disability and appearance, try telling a Polish person you are gay or are an atheist or have a mental disability and see their reactions.

I am not saying all people are racist but we can seperate people into groups.

I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears judgmental things that my very own family and friends have said, and it is disgraceful, which I am so ashamed to admit to and am ashamed to call them family or friends. In my defence I have always stood up to my friends and family and tried to explain that their beliefs are totally wrong, which has got me into trouble and many arguments.

Did you know that in Russia you will get arrested if you are seen to be holding hands or kissing the same gender as yourself or you openly admit you are gay?

People judge others by:

  1. The designer clothes and materialist things they wear and own.
  2. Their appearance and how smart they dress
  3. The way they speak (does every other word becomes a swear word or does one speak Queens English)
  4. The job they have, the janator to the director
  5. The car they drive, the Skoda to the Ferrarri
  6. The location they live. Each place has a down town district.
  7. The people they hang out with.

People are equal, no matter what walk of life we seem to be in and what title we may have, we all have red blood, we all do the same routines to survive, we eat, sleep and dream of making money and have a place to live.

The colour of a person should not define us just because someone somewhere once said that we are different, we are not different we all the same and we all do the same things to survive.

Disabilities should not matter either ‘Stephen Hawkings’ suffered from ‘ALS’ he was wheelchair bound yet he was a British theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author and will always be admired all over the world. Yet people are discriminating, they may not say it out loud but sometimes their actions speak louder than words.

Like I said before not everyone is racist or discriminating and some do fight to change the system, but the system will never change.

Just because someone somewhere is unintelligent and only crap comes out of their mouths, we should be the better person and decided their opinions do not matter.

If we are going to take down tv shows or monuments, why not start suing everyone that has made judgemental comments towards us. I could start suing all my bullies from school and the schools themselves for not preventing all the trauma I endured which caused me to have a mental disability. I have not forgotten so in retrospect I suffer with PTSD. I should also sue all my ex’s that called me names, ridiculed me and disrespected me.

In my opinion if there is a show that is deemed to be offensive to some people, just get a grip, do not bloody well watch it is all I have to say.

Some of us are intelligent enough to recognise tongue in cheek humour.

People have too much time on their hands and rather than sitting down and learning something new like reading a book and to make the world a better place, they choose to judge and criticise and be negative, as that is all they are mentally able to do.

People who are more intellectual will go above and beyond the problem and will try to fix the problem without causing more problems.

At the end of the day I choose not to have negative people in my life. I believe only my opinion matters and no one else’s and if people do not have time for me, I do not have time for them. Yes, I have many online connections but physical I only have a few as mingling with people who are false is a waste of my time.

Anti-Racism is respect to the person that may not have the same advantages as you, but you see them as an equal, anti-racism is the power to not discriminate.

Racism is about judging and discrimination and anyone that judges and discriminates is a Racist.