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Roath Life” in Cardiff UK has it’s own business directory and community hub website with a possible periodical (plans still in negotiation). The aim of the site is to get the Roath District of Cardiff closer together so that people can see at a glance whats on as well finding a local business on their doorstep.

Any entrepreneurs wanting to help with this project are more than welcome to contact me.

Please donate to help me to continue to develop this website and expand the business. (By donating you will help me employ some people to help me with the development of the site. I need help developing the site which is time consuming and by advertising small businesses everyone in the local community will benefit from this venture). Angel Investors or Private Equity Companies wishing to invest can get a commissions from sales from Advertising and Services Sold. But first I need a small team of people and I am not looking for loans, so please do not offer any. I am asking for £11,161.60 this will pay for two people minimum wage of £8.72 for 4 months full time work. By that time I should have enough business to cover the costs on my own.

Also if you are reading this and perhaps have been recently been unemployed, consider partnering with me, with no financial outlay just your hard work contribution in exchange for a commission on any lead that are secured by you.

I need a internet marketer in Cardiff UK, preferably Roath Area (who is familiar with the area), that can generate leads and who is able to do research as well as copy and paste content. This position is commission only at the moment until I can secure financing. Please send your CV’s and enquiries to

***Due to absolutely no interest from the public regarding donations, I have taken the campaign down from I have since found some freelancers on that can help me but is going to prove costly which at the moment it is money I do not have. I do not want to borrow money from the bank. So I will go it alone, it obviously will take me a lot longer to do and once it is built everyone who had the opportunity to help me (this is also includes my family and so called friends) and could but chose not to and turned a blind eye, can take a running jump. If someone asked for my help I know I would try rather than totally ignore them, I would definately try to support them in some way. You wonder why I have social anxiety and OCD, it because people do not support me but are the first to criticise.

My business plan you can read here: