Social Security Scam.

Unbeknowm to me today that the caller was a scammer, as I listened to the automated message that I received saying my social security number had been compromised and that I was prompted to press (1) to continue.

What struck me as odd the automated message had a Brisitsh accent but the call was supposedly from Washington USA. (Anyone can buy telephone numbers an pretend to be calling from a different location.

I knew I had nothing to worry about as I am not a US Resident and am pretty astute when to comes to things like that but could not help myself to try and reverse the number to find out who called me. Without doing much work I first of all put the number into Google and hey presto there were many search results appertaining to this number and here is what I found:

Apparantly this type of scam is rife at the moment and God forbid anyone pressing the prompt number to have you phone bill sky rocket.

It really rattles me why there are so mnay evil people in this world wanting to scam you.

Be careful do not interact with these people and always hang up.