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I need to get this off my chest as I really want to scream. As you all know I am a web designer and internet marketer to name a few services that I offer and most recently I lost one client because I was discriminated by his partners opinion about me.

Anyway moving on, the day comes when termination of hosting is imminent and after explaining in so much detail that a five year old could understand and after the domain name had changed hands it was inevitable that the website and emails would go down.

So approximately two and a half hours before midnight and final cut off period, the hosting goes down.

Now wait for this, after I had explained that the hosting would go down at which point it did, I get an email saying this person’s emails had gone.

So even after I had said that as soon as the domain crossed over the hosting would go down this was somehow my fault that this person had no access to his emails.

Furthermore they tried to insinuate I had cancelled the agreement and that I was keeping the domain, of which I proved that the domain had changed hands showing whois data.

This must have stung like a slap across the face and did I get an apology for the insinuation I had cancelled the agreemnet, of course I did not.

Afterall these people think they are somehow better than me. All I will say is you reap what you sow. If you are not nice to people, people will not be nice to you.

Obviously like a good person that I am, I stayed up until the early hours trying to retrieve his emails from back up and restore. I looked like an idiot going back to the hosting providers and saying hold on but my client has not backed up his emails and has not set up up new email accounts with his new web designers.

I won’t say what profession he is in but if you knew you would be shocked.

Anyway just make a statement about the new web designer who have made a shambles of my ex-clients new website and to blow my own trumpet I have perfomed a SEO Audit Report on his site and it looks like an amatuer has thrown a wordpress site together.

There is a saying ” Do not fix something that is not broken”.

All I can say is “OMG” how stupid can you get and to think his idiot partner made derogatory comments about my site , I am laughing my cotton socks off.

Obviously for legal reasons I will not mention the person’s name , his profession or his domain name, but do not pretend to be something you are not. It has taken me years to learn about serach engine optimization and web design so for his partner to claim he is some sort of expert is a joke.

My daughter has said it is his loss and when she saw his new site the reaction was “Oh God”.

To think I have wasted a whole day today as I have been going back and forth my hosting providers and being extremly tired I could not focus on what I was planning on doing today, I lost a whole days work.

Anyway moving on I have been working on a local directory and the amount of busineeses that I have come across that do not have a website or if they claim they do in order to not pay website designers they cheat and have stated their websites are in actual fact Facebook pages is beyond comprehendable. Do not be a cheapskate and do half a job. Your brand and reputations says all about presentation. If you have a mediocre WordPress site or Facebook page instead of a website it does not say much about you.

If you cannot be honest to people you cannot be honest to yourself. Meaning if you are lying to the world you have a website but the world lands on your Facebook Page, what is the first thing people will see? I will tell you, it says you do not have money to spend on a website therefore you are not very successful.

The same goes if your website has Powered by WordPress. Any Professional Designer would remove all reference to WordPress. Again I am blowing my own trumpet as I can see how stupid some people are and cannot admit that they either want to cut costs or have financial difficulties but instead come up with a half hearted excuse why they want to change web site deisgners after being with them for half a decade.

I Know that it is down to the other partner and not so much my ex-client but you would have thought in his line of profession he would show some intellect and considering I am an Author and have published two books on Domain Names, Website Design and SEO, you would not try to insult my intelligence.

Moving on I came across a post on Facebook how the local shop owners of Wellfield Road, which is in the vicinity where I live, were irrate about hooligans vandalising the trees strategically planted to stop cars parking on the street. They even went on to say they collectively raised £740 plus to replace the trees that were vandalised.

The whole point of the trees is to maintain social distancing.

Yet the picture paints a thousand words. The whole point of the trees is to stop parking and to maintain social distancing but what do the shop owners do?……….only pose for a group photo without maintaining social disatancing…….The council should fine them all !! Somehow they seem to think they are exempt from the social distancing rule and one wonders why the world is the way it is.

Photo and article below.

Group Photo of Shop Keepers – No Social Distancing