I get it no two social media platforms are the same as each other and each cater for different needs. Instagram for Videos and Images, Facebook for your family and friends and LinkedIn for Business.

However even though some of these social media platforms are personal they also have a serious side too and you can advertise on pretty much every platform out there.

However for me and this is the one I primarily use other than Facebook Business pages and maybe on the odd occasion hanging out with my family I have no other use for any of the platforms other than LinkedIn. I rarely tweet I am more about posting articles as you are limited to how much text you can use on Twitter. Besides I have a large following on LinkedIn more so than any other social media platform out there. I would not call myself an influencer as influencers have hundreds of thousands followers compared to me. You never know may be one day I will be just as popular, who knows?

So what annoys me is that the developers do not take into consideration if you make a post on LinkedIn and later want to change the image good luck trying.

Ok I understand that sometimes not everything is possible but one needs to look at what the customer wants. To my annoyance and frustration a post I made today I had to take down on LinkedIn because I wanted to change the image but could not for love or money.

The other pet peeve I have with this platform is they do not have a good variety of emojis, six to be exact. What happens if you disagree why is there no thumbs down or if your angry an angry emoji? (I rarely get angry but do get passionate about debates). So the only other way to add an expression is if you access the platform via the app on your phone and through your keyboard hit the emoji to suit, which is effort some of the time.

Now I can build apps and may actually launch one in future which I have semi developed for a local community and business directory its in beta stage at the moment.

Lots of ideas and lots of opportunities, waiting to happen.

Stay Safe Everyone.