Virtual Horse Racing Business Opportunity Available.

I write about two things on this post although they are not directly linked with one another yet I rely on social media to advertise, so in a way it does indirectly.

NO1: I have been asked by a client of mine to promote a Virtual Horse Racing Opportunity. I wrote about it on my other blog

NO2: But sadly I cannot market it on ‘Facebook’ as a I post I made about two weeks ago where I shared a journalist aprehending some thugs coughing an spitting into an elderly couples faces and the post has been blocked and I have been warned and have been accused of being dangerous (lol) and cannot post anything for 30 days.

So does that mean if I have business pages on Facebook who also think they are God and have actively intervened in the prevention of me running my business properly, can I now sue them. that is the question?

Any way I digress I will try to keep both topics seperate and will do another post of the Corporate Bullies later.

So without further a do please view the business proposal below: