Tesco Website Down 27th August 2020

Apparently this is not the first time that Tesco’s Website has gone down as two days ago ‘The Sun’ Newspaper reported the frustration of users spending time ammending orders to either have a broken eggs message or a 500 error message.


So today I tried ammending my order and all of a sudden the screen changed to a 500 error message saying “sorry for any inconvenience caused”. This prompted me to contact customer services to be told there is nothing wrong with the website and that I should try private browsing to overcome the issue. I should have kept this women talking whilst I did this as no sooner I put the phone down I had the same error message.

I then phoned Tesco again only to be told that they are aware of the problem and for me to try again later.

It is so easy to loose ones temper but these customer service call handlers are not IT experts and its not their fault.

If Tesco is getting regular outage they should look to investing more back up servers.

So another hour wasted as I will have to keep on trying an re-ammend my order again.

Tesco should compenste their customers by either not charging a delivery fee or give some vouchers for the inconvenience caused as a gesture of good will.