After updating my post about Mental Health and the Local GP Surgery yesterday, I signed off by saying I was feeling unwell. I have now had a thumping headache for the last 3 days.

Imagine if I could go online, although there must be many websites on the subject to find everything there is to know about ‘thumping headchaches all in one place and how to get rid of them. So far the medication I have taken has not worked and I do not want to pop too many pills as I do not want liver damage.

The slightest bit of noise irratates me and boom goes the dymamite in my head and the excruciating pain.

Here is a great opportunity to develop this domain name www.thumpingheadache.com into something positive.

Anyone interested especially pharmaceutical companies, drug stores and chemists can message me or if you are an entrepreneur/investor in domains do drop me a line to discuss your ideas. The logo is free to the new owner who ever they may be.

I can help with developing the domain should you wish to go down this route and I work to your budget.

Need to stay off the internet for a few days and just rest, am off to have a lie down.

Headache Remedies