It has come to my attention today a letter that has been lying in the hallway for about a week and not addressed to me personally but addressed to the house with a header title ‘Water Leak‘ in the window of the envelope, which was theoretically meant for the flat below me as they had a leak about a month ago. So with seeing the header title I left the letter assuming it must have been for the tenants downstairs.

So what has changed well the letter was opened not by me may I add or my daughter and was left in the corridor for all to see. I have for convenience sake added the letter into this post.

Now if you go back about a month Welsh Water did come and visit the property and cut off the mains water supply to both properties yet the leak was not my leak but a leak from downstairs in one of the bedrooms.

Obviously this angered me as the water supply is for two seperate properties within one property and I have my own water bill.

So you can understand my distain when I read a letter that is not addressed to me personally as both flats pay for water seperately and because Welsh Water had visited the property and had found the leak you would think they would in their corresspondence contact my landlord through ‘Rent Smart Wales‘ or contact the tenants directly.

For some reason I think this is a scam and when I phoned the number it went to O2 voicemail.

Furthermore they say they have attempted to visit and contact the property owner/occupiers on several occassions. I have surveillance security cameras fitted outside the front door and no one came to visit I can assure them of that. So on top of the threatening letter they also lie through their teeth.

The leak has nothing to do with me I am a seperate tenant and the date to make contact with them has surpassed. Its only a matter of time before my landlord gets wind if this or Welsh Water cut off my water supply (bring it on, let a law suit begin if they waste my time).

I have written about these blue chip companies before that do not take into consideration people’s mental state of health and have no empathy what so ever. Receiving a ‘Nasty Letter‘ only makes matters worse. (My mental state has already worsened as now I am anxious about their next move and am worried they may cut me off even though it has nothing to do with me). I am now having trouble focusing, yet another obstacle thrown my way.

Its not my job to do their job and contact the landlord seeing as the water leak was not in my flat and the letter was not even addressed to me.

As far as I am concerned the leak has been fixed and the tenant would have said something as her latest update was for a replacement carpet that my landlord had promised her and she is still waiting for it to materialise.

So as always I also look on the internet to see if these blue chip companies have had other complaints and found this:

If you believe you are the victim of financial wrongdoing, write to Tony Hetherington at Financial Mail, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TS or email

Because of the high volume of enquiries, personal replies cannot be given. Please send only copies of original documents, which we regret cannot be returned.

I also came across this from ‘Wales Online’:

I will back my landlord up if he gets any s#@t from them. There is absolutely no excuse to not do their job properly regardig if there is a pandemic or not.

Final Foot Note: This is for all home owners if there is a water leak, it should be up to the water suppier to fix the leak and not the home owner. If the water supplier has corroded old mains pipes that spring leaks surely it is not the home owners responsibility to fix the problem? Afterall a water supplier cannot just supply you water until they can see that the water pipes are good working order. If you built the house yourself and laid down your own pipes that would be a different story as you would be responsible for your own pipes. But if it is a mains problem then it should be the water supplier that should foot the bill and not you.

I am merely a tenant that lives upstairs so I should not be held responsible for the water pipes or the leak that did not even come from my flat. Yet the letter was not addressed to anyone in particular just the occupier. Yet the occupier of the original leak was my neighbour and Welsh Water have threatened to cut off the water supply to the whole building rather than to just one flat. Since when am I tangled up in the S@#t when its not even my own fault.

WELSH WATER (DWRCYMRU) do your job properly!!!!!!…..

Update 22/09/20

I managed to get hold of Welsh Water via Facebook Messenger and explained that they need to get hold of the tenant below me and the landlord and address the letters properly.

I also explained that I was feeling unwell because of their incompetence and their reply was “Im sorry for the letter causing you stress” (I’M SORRY) is not going to put food on the table in which I rightly told them so.

Yet wait for this they have asked me to forward the letter to my landlord. “I’m Sorry” but the last time I looked I charge for this service and have literally received another message from them in which I told them what I have told you.

I will not give my landlords name due to Data Protection and told them to find out his name themselves via Rent Smart Wales or the Land Registry or simply write a letter to the occupiers of the flat below me and ask them to pass the letter on.

My landlord has fixed the leak so why are they sending threatening letters?

I will update further if this escalates into something.